Bill4time Reviews: Wonderful Time Tracking Software

Accountants, law practitioners, and many other professionals need to track the time they put in for their clients for the purpose of invoicing them. This is because they provide their services on an hourly basis. Bill4time is a product that tracks time automatically and thus saves time and effort in looking after this aspect for the professionals. It is a web based application that is accessible anytime, anywhere. Bill4time reviews tell you that this time tracking and invoicing tool has become very popular among law firms and accountants because of its functionality and accuracy.


Bill4time is a versatile tool that not only helps in time tracking and invoicing but also serves as case management software. You need not spend a lot of time in generating invoices for your clients manually as this tool does both these jobs automatically for you. You can also organize documents and set schedules using this highly versatile software. One big benefit of this time tracking software is that it can be used by the clients to verify the billed hours and the invoice amount. The software allows users to incorporate their logos on to their invoices. This means you can use this software for branding purposes also. What makes this software useful for the clients is its ability to store documents. As it is cloud based, you can store lots of your documents and retrieve them without any difficulty anytiome you so desire.


One problem faced by users is involvement of several attorneys with differing hourly fee on the same case or project. If you have read Bill4time reviews, you know that this tool allows the user to adjust varying attorney fees without any problems. Finally, the reason why Bill4time has become so popular among law firms and accountants is the fact that is integrates seamlessly with different accounting and bookkeeping software being used by them.

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